Privacy Policy

CF is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers. They comply with the Australian Privacy Principles outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which sets standards for collecting, storing, distributing, and using personal information obtained during business operations. This company is committed to protecting personal information and handling it with care.

CF has implemented policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information is handled sensitively, securely, and in compliance with the National Privacy Principles. The company only collects personal information directly from customers with their permission, whether in person, over the telephone, or through the internet. If a customer chooses not to provide their personal information, it may affect the company’s ability to provide the required service. The company is committed to protecting customers’ personal information and handling it carefully and in compliance with legal requirements.

CF may collect the following types of personal information to provide services to customers:

  • Name
  • Residential address
  • Mailing and e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Purchase history
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Occupation The information collected is necessary for providing the service, such as order processing, shipping, and customer service. The company is committed to using the information only for the intended purpose and protecting it from unauthorised access or disclosure.


CF uses an analytics system to improve usability and the customer experience on the website. The system may track and record mouse clicks, movements, scrolling activity, and keystroke information that customers voluntarily enter on the website. However, this activity is not tracked on any other website that does not use the company’s analytics system. The data collected is used to improve the website and the customer experience while they navigate the site.

Customers can view and manage the data that CF has collected about them on the website by emailing the company at Customers also have the option to opt out of future tracking by sending an email to the same address. The company will process the request and provide any information as requested.

CF is committed to protecting customers’ personal information from unauthorised access, loss, or misuse. They also take measures to permanently delete or destroy personal information when it is no longer used or required by providing their personal information to the company, customers consent to its use for the company’s business operations and providing them with superior goods and services. This may include using personal information to inform customers of new products and services, sending marketing materials and special offers, and inviting them to events. The company may also disclose certain aspects of customers’ information to its related contractors or service providers for the purpose of facilitating the operation of its website or business, but only when it is appropriate and necessary. The company is transparent in its use of personal information and committed to protecting it as per the legal requirements.

CF only collects and uses personal information for the purposes it was provided for or as permitted or required by law. They will provide customers with access to any personal information they possess. However, access may be refused in cases where it would interfere with the privacy of others or result in a breach of confidentiality as per the government law bodies. In most cases, customers who have purchased from CF online or in-store will have access to the information the company holds about them. The company is transparent in its use of personal information. It will provide access to the information per the legal requirements and in a manner that protects the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of other individuals.

CF may make necessary changes to its Privacy Policy from time to time for any reason. The changes will be published on their website. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with any changes made to the Privacy Policy, and their continued use of the company’s facilities constitutes their acceptance of the revised Policy. If customers have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or their personal information, they can contact the company using the contact details provided. The company will respond to their query within a reasonable timeframe after receipt of their inquiry. The company is committed to being transparent and open in using personal information. It will make sure to update the policy and communicate any changes to the customers in a timely manner.

Contact our officer at:

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